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Collaboration with a Purpose: Over $23,000.00 in only 4 days for charity


Yes you heard right ... Over $23,000.00 worth of activewear was sold through my social media account in ONLY 4 days to help raise funds for charity!


As they say - " Stick to what you know" and "You don't need to reinvent the wheel"

I have been doing sports- fitness modelling, and influencer work around the globe for almost 10 years now and had the idea of using my health and fitness platform to give back to my community. This way I could raise money for charity while doing what I love!

During the months of April and May 2021 I set out for the greater good and joined forces with the iconic sports and fitness activewear brand, Aim'n Sportswear


Aim'n Oceania provided me with the unique code - CLAUDIA20. I pushed this code out through my Instagram and Facebook accounts offering my followers 20% off Aim'n products for a limited time period of 48 hours from when my grid post went live on my social media platforms. Ever time a follower used my code at checkout I would accumulate 10% commission from the sale, and the user would received 20% off their clothing selections. This way it was a "win, win" for the customer!


In April I sold a huge $8230.40 worth of activewear in ONLY 4 days. But in May I pushed a lot harder and went on to sell almost triple the amount ! I was delighted with this increbible response and sold $23,756.10 worth of activewear in the time period of ONLY 4 days. 100% of this money was donated to Mary's House and Monika's Dog Rescue.

Sports Model, Claudia Jovanovski. Instagram post done for charity fundraiser on 18 May 2021

Fitness Influencer, Claudia Jovanovski, at Camp Cove Beach in Sydney. Posted on 30 May 2021 to raise money for charity.

Sydney fitness influencer, Claudia, in Aim'n Sportswear. Image taken at Kutti Beach in Sydney on 8 June 2021

Health and wellness influencer, Claudia Jovanovski, in Aim'n Sportswear on 9 June 2021. This social media post reached over 10,000 Instagram users and had approximalety 900 likes.


A huge thank you to the incredible team at Aim'n Sportswear for believing in this fundraising project, as well as their endless kindness, generosity and support over the years!

Thank you to all my loyal social media followers who supported this drive and bought activewear with my code. Not only did you make your wardrobe even more beautiful but you helped our community!

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