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Fitmas with the Under Armour Squad


The phenomal team at Under Armour 'sleighed' Christmas a little different this year...


The day kicked off with a 10:00AM meet up at Reunion Gym in the Sydney City. The incredible Reunion trainers lead us through a killer forty five minute workout where we did a great mix of strength, conditioning, and cardio exercises. As always there was a cheeky little twist... we were paired up to create some team work and steam as the pairs then competed to achieve the most reps, and burn the most calories.

Needless to say there was a delightful and vivid mix of laughs, chirps, sweat, and smiles !

Sports Model, Claudia Jovanovski at Under Armour athlete training session in Sydney gym, Reunion
Australian Professional Surfer and World Champion, Sally Fitzgibbons, leading the pack in bear crawls


The athletes then took a slow walk over to a well-known favourite, Bopp and tone restaurant for a recovery meal and catch up. We were absolutely spoilt with a delicious menu of seafood, steak, mixed salads, and of course a sneaky little dessert to finish up.


Thank you to Under Armour for spoiling us with an incredible day of food, sweat, friends, the latest activewear, and unforgettable moments! 

Thank you for your endless commitment to making all athletes sleigh their goals each and every day !

Here is to a sensational 2022 filled with health, fitness, happiness, success and endless blessings !

The only way is through! 

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